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Children's Services

In many cases, clients benefit from a combination of services such as assessments, one to one therapy and coaching/ training. To discuss how Louise can help you, get in touch.

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Early Intervention 

Early intervention can help parents who may be concerned about the development of their child's skills and wish to have an assessment of their child's language, play and social skills. Following an assessment, a learning plan can be created to teach any skills that may be lagging.

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Louise works with children, teens and adults to who want to expand their social skills and who may be experiencing difficulty talking to others, making friends, communicating with peers and colleagues, maintaining relationships and dating/ romantic relationships.

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Emotional regulation skills

Get in Touch
Group of Friends Going on Excursion


If you’re looking for quality Child Social Skills Program sessions with a certified Clinical Child Psychologist that cares, then you’ve come to the right place. I guide my patients every step of the way and implement various methods to help them develop new attitudes towards all of life’s most complex matters. Schedule an appointment today and see what I can do for you.

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Louise frequently works with parents of children who are experiencing challenging behaviour at home and in school. Using behaviour assessment tools, she works with parents, teachers, SNAs and principals to assess why such behaviours are continuing to occur, and what needs to be done differently to support the child to use different behaviours to get what they need and want.

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