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Social Skills in the Early Years

When working with infants and young children, Louise conducts a specialised social skills assessment to gauge which skills a child currently has, and pinpoint important social skills have yet to be learned. Of course, all  babies and children learn at different rates and stages but a skills assessment can be an excellent tool in guiding and educating parents as they nurture their child’s development. After an assessment is conducted, Louise creates a personalised learning plan to target skills that are weak or lagging. The learning plan can then be used as an instructional guide for parents, care-givers, teachers and tutors.   

Adolescent Social Skills Program

When working with pre-teens and teens, Louise uses an evidence-based training tool called the PEERS curriculum; a tool designed and validated for use with adolescent with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Acting as social skills coach, Louise works intensively with adolescents across 6 week blocks to help clients acquire new skills quickly and steadily. 

Adults Social Skills

Louise has much experience working with adults attending college and workplace settings who find themselves struggling with certain social situations. Following an in-depth assessment of need, Louise works intensively with clients using an individualised program to support clients to overcoming their challenges.

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