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Louise is a behavioural psychologist and mother of one, based in Dalkey, south Dublin where she operates a busy therapy clinic supporting children and adolescents experiencing psychological, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Louise provides a range of assessment and intervention services, parent coaching consultations and 1:1 child and adolescent therapy for anger issues, phobias, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, self-harm and eating disorders. 


She has worked for more than 16 years within the helping professions and in 2017, opened the doors to her first clinical practise in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. Here, she practiced privately for 2 years supporting parents and children with autism spectrum disorder and behaviours that challenge. In 2018, Louise relocated to her hometown of Dalkey where she continues to practise privately from her clinic. During her 11-year stint in third level education, Louise accrued a Certificate in Community Healthcare, a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Psychology, a Master of Science degree in Research and a Doctorate of Psychological Science in Behaviour Analysis and Therapy. She is clinically trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT: a 'third wave' Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which is based in the field of Clinical Behaviour Analysis and grounded in Relational-Frame Theory), and Decider Therapy (a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy-based treatment program for mental health disorders).

As a person with a disability (a visual impairment), Louise has first-hand insight into the social, emotional, psychological and practical challenges that can present for children with disabilities as they navigate through school. She works passionately to empower her young clients with the skills, understanding and self-compassion required to overcome adversity. Unsurprisingly, Louise is passionate about promoting diversity and inclusive educational and employment practices, evidenced by her former role as her Students' Union Disability Officer. 

Clinical Approach

Louise draws on an eclectic combination of evidence-based methodologies in her clinical practice including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy methods, behavioural psychotherapy, play-based methods and creative writing, ensuring that self-esteem, self-compassion and self-acceptance skills are taught concurrently as foundational prerequisites for psychological wellness. Parents play a fundamental role in encouraging and celebrating their child's efforts as they engage in new behavioural changes, thus parents should expect a high level of participation and home-practise when engaging Louise to work with their child in order for positive behavioural changes to occur and maintain. 


Louise provides a range of assessment and intervention services for parents and schools, including:  

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy interventions for emotional and behaviour management 

  • Early intervention assessments & learning plans

  • Language & communication skills assessments & interventions

  • Social skills assessments & interventions (for children and adolescents)

  • Emotional regulation/ resilience skills interventions

  • Challenging behaviour assessments (aka Functional Behaviour Assessments (FBA)) & learning interventions

Louise also conducts group-based learning interventions e.g. social skills groups and emotional resilience courses, school-staff training workshops, parent workshops and talks on a regular basis. 

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